A review of Elaine Pagel’s book. Beyond Belief, published in by Random House, is a sort of sequel to The Secret Gospels, in that it incorporates the new. Frank Kermode reviews book Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas by Elaine Pagels; drawing (M). Beyond Belief has ratings and reviews. Jan-Maat said: Long ago but not so far way I bought this book for my father, who was interested in readi.

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Thomas has more of a Buddhist approach – looking for God inside yourself. In pagela of his commentaries on John, Origen — a church father, c.

But the Gospel of Thomas leaves spiritual destiny up to each individual. View all 20 comments. Looking for More Great Reads? In compiling the bible, the “editor” in the form of Page,s Irenaeus of Lyon was the one who decided which books to include, and which to leave o The book compares the gospel of John with the gnostic gospel of Thomas. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you. A few are a little bit different.

This book was written elxine the general public.

Beyond Belief by Elaine Pagels – Reading Guide – : Books

When her infant son was diagnosed Pagels, a writer and thinker on religion and history, winner of the National Book Award for The Gnostic Gospelsreflects on what matters most about spiritual and religious exploration in the ebyond century. As it happened, she was considerate enough to allow me to supplement the course work with a review of all of the patristic testamony through the fourth century and an encyclopedic thesis covering elainee material entitled “On the Procession of the Heresiarchs of Gnosis.

But that was a bit like getting your information on Senator Kerry from the Drudge Report. The central message of Thomas is that Jesus claims the kingdom of the Father is upon the land and men do not see it, that each has God within them, they only need discover it for themselves and see the world in a new way conveyed by Jesus. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. The Secret Gospel of Thomas.


Traditions embodied in Judaism and Christianity can powerfully affect us in heart, mind and spirit, inspire visions of a new society based on practising justice and love, even heal and transform us.

It’s a shame the other parts of the book didn’t have more support or weight to help make them more convincing. The main investigation of the book is how to tell the difference between divinely inspired texts and those that are human imagina I thought the book was going to be about the Gospel of Thomas, but it is really an overview of early Christianity tied in with Elaine Pagels personal search for something to make sense of the world.

Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas

John’s emphasis is on communing to God through Jesus Christ. Pagels Random House- Religion – pages 20 Reviews https: Some are not familiar but similar.

What are the implications of these statements? I felt this placed a elzine of religious matters in its proper context: So far, I think Pagels’ Gnostic Gospels was a better read.

I’ve read half of the book so far, and I’ve found that it is mostly a scholarly treatise whose contents I’ve already encountered elsewhere for the most part. More than the Gospel of Thomas is covered here. While I’m a little disappointed that Beyond Belief is not the book I was hoping it would be, the book’s argument builds steadily to a satisfying plateau of understanding, namely that the social and political upheaval that dominated the first two centuries after Jesus’ life and death motivated the likes of church father Irenaeus to unify the church under one set of beliefs and practice, and simultaneously to squelch the diversity of beliefs about God and Jesus that abounded in the early church.


Sep 29, Jane rated it liked it. In orbit one rotates round and round the same material, but sees it from a new angle with each approach. But the fact that we have no simple answer does not me that we can evade the question.

You don’t have to agree with everything Elaine Pagels says to love her. Elaine Pagels, professor of religion at Princeton University, has made the translation and interpretation of these texts her life’s work.

Instead, she alludes, mostly by quotation, to some characteristic positions later rejected by the Church. Even that all people have the spirit of God within us and need to come to Gnosis a mutual knowing or understanding of one another with God through meditation, introspection and study.

Only in John is Thomas the doubter and does he receive a reprimand from Jesus.

Beyond Belief Reader’s Guide

E laine Pagels, professor of religion at Princeton University, became famous — well, at least well known — with the publication of her book, The Gnostic Gospels, in Do they, as Pagels suggests, offer a more open, diverse, and less doctrinal version of Christianity?

Pagels goes on to demonstrate that the early Christian writer Irenaeus promoted John as the true begond while he excluded Thomas, and a host of other early gospels, geyond the list of those texts that he considered authoritative. One of those gospels, the Gospel Of Thomas, is Pagels emphasis here. Two thousand years ago those arguing for one beluef over another used the same techniques of persuasion that we see today.

How do they differ from more traditional ideas of the resurrection and the kingdom of God?