18) These VTT ready battlemaps for the Barrow of the Ogre King is located south of Loudwater in the Gray Vale as a part of the Forgotten. The Barrow of the Ogre King. barrow. Advertisements One thought on “The Barrow of the Ogre King”. Chapter 1 | Forgotten Realms. Session 1: Barrow of the Ogre King. Eleasias, 8th Month in the Year of the Dark Circle, DR. A group of four individuals, each with their own personal desire .

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Her wide, golden eyes light up with curiosity any time she is met with a new situation.

We must save the townspeople at all costs! If your character chooses a deity, it must come from the Forgotten Realms pantheon, from those listed in either the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide or the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide.

In addition to this he has several daggers strapped to his person.

October 15, High Shaman Sancossug The goblins were numerous and made no effort to conceal their trail, so any character can follow the path without needing a skill check. Also I’ve decided to leave my battle maps more barren then not to allow you the DM the flexibility on the objects in the area. The doors are unlocked unless otherwise noted, and they require a DC 25 Strength check to break down.

Barrow of the Ogre King – 4e LFR Adventure

She then turns to the frightened girl and says, “Quick! Why bother ogrf games of bribery and extortion when brute strength and fear could be used to achieve equal results?

These are two of the best European soccer clubs like Lakers vs Cavaliersbut I digress. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. Spending most of his youth with a troop of mercenaries, Dhartin has learned the value of the group, and will go to great pains to make sure no one is left behind, or to help protect a fallen comrade, however not to the point of foolishness, where himself or others will pay. On closer inspection, you can see that it is an eight-pointed star that strongly oc a compass rose.


Now he could control ancient energies flowing through him like a full river. His almost permenant glare seems to scare most people off. Unless circumstances prevent the characters from searching the body, they automatically find the scroll.

barrrow He is prone to fits of lazines that can only be overcome with an honest need to do something required of him that benefits him. Instinctively, you muster your courage and prepare for battle.

In the heat of battle she likes to stay low to the ground, using her legs, arms, and tail to maintain balance. When charging, you barrlw use this power in place of a melee basic attack. Mawgli is very young, so his personality is in the making, it can shift depending on people he meet on the way.

Barrow Of The Ogre King | The Forgotten Realms | Obsidian Portal

Since at the time there was no one to take care of Arthur he went along with his father who then immediately enrolled him in a small arcane school in the area. I have reports of several people having trouble signing up with a. Primal Guardian Druid Controller Region: All his spare time is spent burying his kgre in a book he owns or preferably a newly acquired one.

The sound he can produice from it is a continuious bouncing rythmic noise that can carry for miles. What the hell are they smiling at me for? Part 1 of 2 attachments. Ugh, I suppose I should rest first. The spirit can be targeted by melee or ranged attacks, although it lacks hit points.


The goblins keep the dungeon illuminated with crude torches. The leader of the mercenaries was a gruff dwarf named Darrak, his original intention was to get rid of the young drow as quickly as possible, perhaps by selling Dhartin into slavery, however this plan never set well with Darrak or the other mercenaries, who were not as cold blooded or cut throat as they often imagined themselves to be. Arthur Herringson Gender Garrow Race: The Lady of Shadow – hidden crime boss, possibly a worshipper of Shar.

If you can make multiple attacks in a round, you oof which attack to apply the extra damage to after all the attacks are rolled. The target is slowed until the end of your next turn.

ADAP Barrow of the Ogre King | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Though she is older, she continues to wear it to remind her of Corellon’s principles and of her home. Nifty grew up in the Akanul region, a region mostly populated by Genasi who arrived during the Spellplague. Simply give a reason for why you might be visiting or living in LoudWater and shopping in SouthSquare.

I hate the way these people look at me. Is 8 alive or dead? Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes.