For iframe elements in XML documents, the srcdoc attribute, if present, must have a value that matches the production labeled document in the. Dans votre application, utilisez une balise iframe> pour définir l’URL src. All data-param-* attributes will be added as query parameter to the YouTube iframe src. This may be used to pass custom values through to YouTube plugins, .

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The remainder of the requirements depend on whether the parent is a picture element or a media element:. Typical examples of non-interactive presentation user agents are printers static UAs and overhead displays dynamic UAs. The following terms are defined in the JavaScript specification and used in this specification:. Once the user is playing the game, the hostile site can quickly position the iframe under the mouse cursor just as the user is about to click, thus tricking the user into clicking the victim site’s interface.

Paramètres du lecteur

The rules to parse a date string are as follows. This might in certain extreme cases mean limiting the use of flow elements to just a few elements, like divbiand span and making liberal use of the style attribute. When a media element that is potentially playing stops playing because it has paused for user interactionthe user agent must queue a task to fire a simple event named timeupdate at the element.

This specification defines a set of elements that can be used in HTML, along with rules about the ways in which the elements can be nested. A new task is used for this so that the work described below occurs relative to the media element event task source rather than the networking task source. The value must be a valid mime type.

Certain characteristics of a user’s system can be used to distinguish groups of users from each other; by collecting enough such information, an individual user’s browser’s “digital fingerprint” can be computed, which can be as good as, if not better than, an IP address in ascertaining which requests are from the same user.

Furthermore, due to the JavaScript memory model, there are situations which not only are un-representable via serialized script execution, but also un-representable via serialized statement execution among those scripts.


Correcting these errors early makes later balies easier. The following features are defined in the CSS Text specification: This section details iframf of the more common reasons for still distinguishing between a conforming document and one with errors. The seven-day period starting on the Gregorian date Monday December 29th is defined as week number iframr in week-year The caption text in the example below is not a suitable text alternative and is not conforming to the Web Accessibility Guidelines 2.

For example, button elements are elements with the element type buttonmeaning they have the local name ” button ” and implicitly as defined above ifrsme HTML namespace.

Its general design, however, has enabled it to be adapted, over the subsequent years, to describe a number of other types of ivrame and even applications. A valid non-negative integer represents the number that is represented in base ten by that string of digits.

The rules for sniffing images specificallythe rules for distinguishing if a resource is text or binaryand the rules for sniffing audio and video specifically are also defined in the WHATWG MIME Sniffing standard. References to that element, attribute, or API are marked up like this.

Let divisor have the value 1. This specification always refers to this as an increasebut that increase could actually be a de crease if the effective playback rate is negative. In such cases, the requirements that apply to a condition are always the first set of requirements that follow the condition, even in the case of there being multiple sets of conditions for those requirements.

For example, the CSS: Media elements are used to present audio data, or video and audio data, to the user. If the collected sequence is not exactly two characters long, then fail. The following features are defined in the CSS Overflow specification. If s is exactly two characters long, then:. If urlRecord is failure, then return failure. User agents are expected to have limits in how big images can be rendered, which is allowed by the hardware limitations clause.

For example, here is a form with a script that sets the value of the form’s output element to say “Hello World”:. Let result be a simple color. These attributes return the intrinsic dimensions of the video, or zero if the dimensions are not known. Currently, the loop parameter only works in the AS3 player when used in conjunction with the playlist parameter. Whether a specific resource is supported can depend on what features of the resource’s format are in use.


Certain invalid syntax constructs, when parsed, result in DOM trees that are highly unintuitive. On setting, the content attribute must be set to the specified new value.

Using media-independent markup, on the other hand, provides an easy way for documents to be authored in such a way that they work for more users e. When an img element has a current pixel density that is not 1.

HTML iframe tag

If the above algorithm exhausts unparsed sizes list without returning a size value, follow these steps:. When asked to select an image source for a given img element eluser agents must do the following:. When an iframe element is inserted into a document that has a browsing contextthe user agent must create a nested browsing contextand then process the iframe attributes for the “first time”.

The srcset and sizes attributes can be used, using the w descriptor, to provide multiple images that only vary in their size the smaller image is a scaled-down version of the bigger image. The image is a key part of the content; the alt attribute gives a textual equivalent or replacement for the image. Using a different domain ensures that scripts in the files are unable to attack the site, even if the user is tricked into visiting those pages directly, without the protection of the sandbox attribute.

Use of the style attribute is somewhat discouraged in production environments, but it can be useful for rapid prototyping where its rules can be directly moved into a separate style sheet later and for providing specific styles in unusual cases where a separate style sheet would be inconvenient. The other elements are still present, but only by implication. It is recommended for the example use above the width and height attributes be set to zero.