AutoFS provides automounting of removable media or network shares when they are Removable media; NFS network mounts. Configure a basic automount function on your network file system with autofs. Automount mini−Howto. Rahul Sundaram, [email protected] v, −12− This file describes the autofs automounter, how to configure it, and .

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In the example of a direct map, which was: On receiving the reply, autofs allows the waiting request to proceed. Check the output from the first terminal for clues as to why the mount failed or was not attempted. If NIS is selected and autofs cannot find a map that it needs, but finds a map name that contains one or more underscores, the underscores are changed to dots, which allows the old NIS file names to work.

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Introduction autofs is a program for automatically mounting directories on an as-needed basis. The mount process is yowto the autofss for all mounts, but the final result changes with the mount point specified and the complexity of the maps.

As applications and other file systems that users require change their location, the maps must reflect those changes. Here is the sample file provided by Ubuntu: November 28, at 5: After the file system is mounted, further access does not require any action from automountd until the file system is automatically unmounted. Mounts managed through the autofs service should not be manually mounted or unmounted. Wildcard characters Let’s say you have a hoowto with a number of subdirectories which you want to have auto-mounted individually.

Indirect maps, such as those in the auto. Before we start the configuration of Autofs we have to install required packages. The sorting can also be influenced by using weighting see “Autofs and Weighting”.


Autofs searches a series of maps to navigate its way through the network. Direct and Indirect Maps automount maps can be direct or indirect. What the autofs service does when a mount request is triggered depends on how the automounter maps are configured.

Here you can mount the man pages from the servers oakroseor willow. You don’t want to modify files on one server on one occasion and, minutes later, modify the “same” file on another server. Because of this separation, it is possible to add, delete, or change map information without first having to stop and start the automountd daemon process.

The components that work together to accomplish automatic mounting are: Modifying How Autofs Navigates the Network Modifying Maps You can modify, delete, or add entries hiwto maps to meet the needs of your environment. The automount command reads the master map at system startup. Weighting is only considered when selecting between servers with the same network proximity.

If version 3 servers are more abundant, the sorting process becomes more complex. You can modify autofs maps at any time. The following file is an example of a name service switch file:.

How Autofs Navigates Through the Network Maps Autofs searches a series of maps to navigate its way through the network. Simple Autofs Mount To help explain the autofs mount process, assume that the following files are installed.

When multiple layers are defined in the automounter files, the mount process becomes more complex. Note – All other server selection factors autods more important than weighting.

Now create a directory for Autofs to mount the filesystems. You can modify, delete, or add entries to maps to meet the needs of your environment. The failure to reinstall the trigger notes leaves no access to the next level of mounts. This is good to keep in mind, as it could save you time diagnosing an autofs problem that isn’t really there.


This feature is particularly useful ajtofs a large network with many subnets.


May 31, at Most applications written for any of the sun4 architectures can run on all sun4 platforms, so the -ARCH variable is hard-coded to sun4 instead of sun4m. This provides the client with the maximum number of servers to depend on. External Links The mount man page – hosted on the official Ubuntu website. Now the same entry for all clients applies to all architectures.

The numbers in parentheses indicate a weighting.

Autofs – Community Help Wiki

These lines have the following format: Autofs allows the intercepted request to proceed. This procedure makes sense only when you mount a file system that is read-only, as you must have some control over the locations of files you write or modify.

If the file system automiunt busy, the unmount fails and the trigger nodes are reinstalled. A reboot clears all of the autofs mount points. This howto assumes that you are already familiar with NFS exports, and that you already have a properly-functioning NFS share on your network. For example, when autofs receives a request to access a file system that is not currently mounted, autofs calls automountdwhich actually mounts the requested file system. The unmounting that occurs after a certain amount of idle time is from the bottom up reverse order of mounting.

Figure Navigation Through the Master Map Autofs Mount Process What the autofs service does when a mount request is triggered depends on how the automounter maps are configured. Map Files As indicated above, each autofs auutofs has its own map file.