The new ATyS M modular changeover system has been designed, tested and proven according to the criteria in the international standard IEC and. The researched Product is not longer available. If you have any questions, please contact your personal consultant. AtyS M6s change-over switch 63A 4P. ATyS M 3s. INSTRUCTIONS SHEET. Automatic Transfer Switch. Ref.: – – – – ATyS M 6s /V Ref.

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The ATyS 6e and 6m check the phase rotation consistency with the network via a manual mode. How does the fault contact on a ATyS M6s function? Check the configuration of the device: When it is a single-phase network with neutral 1BLit is necessary to connect terminal neutral to terminal These are integers INT.

Die Vorteile hiervon sind hohe Leistung bei geringem Gewicht, Kompaktheit, nicht vorhandene Reibung, hoher Wirkungsgrad sowie ein geringer Wartungsbedarf. The electric mechanism is a single operator momentarily energized. What are the password to have access to the different menu of Control Vision? In addition to the rating and the related electrical breaking specifications, the selection criteria are:.

Key Business Message More information. Trade Overview, U.

The ATS can transfer the load between generator and generator or between mains and generator in few seconds. Global power and thermal solution provider for More information. There are two possibilites: We are a globally linked More information. The switch can be forced into OFF emergency stop by inhibiting automatic operation and then remotely ordering the switch into position 0. For more information about More information.


How to prevent machine malfunctions and electronic damage due to voltage surges? Our unique offering generates significant savings when compared to standard.

Reference For enclosure height mm: Delta Transportation Automation Solution www. Hospitals Surgery, Intensive cars, Hospitalisation. Select famous brand ATS switch. Impossible to read the historics of measurement in Control Vision Software new.

Full Country Atsy Below please find the complete rankings of all 75 markets considered in the analysis.

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Please see the attachement. The Watts losses are the following: Hierdurch wird praktisch jegliche Luftreibung ausgeschlossen und die Verluste minimiert. Full Country Rankings Appendix 1: What is the maximum current for an auxiliary contact of U type arys under a rated voltage of V? Service Technologies and Industrial Solutions 4. Reference of the closing kit rod and handle for Cadrys Delta?

Before a source is shown as available, what must the ATyS first verify? Report on Government Information Requests Report on Government Information Requests January – June, ,6s takes our commitment to protecting your data very seriously and we work incredibly hard to deliver the most secure hardware, software and More information. Control Panel technical guide. What is the working mode of the range of Fan? Yes you can, provided the flexible copper bars are well sized, well connected and that an isolation distance of 14mm is maintained.

The minimum time between the operation of the auxiliary contact and the operation of the switch contacts is 20 ms.


Global triple-play criptions will reach million by ; up by nearly n6s on the end total and up by million on the total, according More information. Built-in Mechanical Padlocking System in manual mode in 0 position 3 positions on request. Typical Automatic Transfer Switch diagrams”.

The harmonics of rank 3 add up on the neutral, and the fundamentals compensate themselves on the neutral. Also consult the technical guide about the RS wiring.

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Introduction 50HZ Specification 60HZ Specification Automatic Generator Set Ai power automatic generator set adopts smart controller Deepsea or Comap to realize the generator automatic start and stop, combine with the famous brand Socomec or other brand automatic transfer switch ATSthe generator can automatic start when mains power failed, and automatic ayys when mains power return.

Neutral is fully rated in comparison with phases contacts. Is it possible to padlock the ATyS into any position? What is he supposed to do? The neutral contact is fitted on the same moving contact bar.

The low level auxiliary contacts are intended to help the circulation of small currents between 0. Is it possible to perform an emergency stop on a ATyS 6?

Emergency manual operation facilities with a single handle.