Description. Stems: Solitary, upright, to 20 m tall and 60 cm in diameter, ringed with oblique to undulating leaf scars. Leaves: Pinnate, reduplicate, to 10 m long, . Jul 26, The Corozo Palm Attalea cohune is a prolific, and at times dominant, species in humid lowland biomes of Central America. The eastern. any info on cold/dry heat/ Attalea cohune? thanks guys.

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Cohune leaves are used as thatching material for roofs.

References Squibb et al. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

Cohune Palm

The cohune palm propagates by seeds. Up to mm 24″ Leaf Type: Effect vohune the corozo palm nut oil meal in the baby chick diet. You’ll find photos in this thread: This proves it can take the arid heat, that’s for sure.

There are many large Attalea cohune growing in Central Florida with no issues. Steve, Gary Woods up at the soon-to-be-history South Coast Palms has some gigantic Attalea up at his place, but I’m not sure which one.

Attalea cohune | Identifying Commonly Cultivated Palms

This page has been accessed fohune, times. Better than 20 feet tall, all leaves still, shade in the morning and full sun in the afternoon. Corozo Attalea cohuneoil meal, mechanical extraction Corozo Attalea cohuneseeds. Very large palm with undulating rings on the stem, drooping leaflets on a twisted rachis and inflorescences covered by a persistent, woody, grooved bract.


This giant palm is perfect for tropical or subtropical climates, in a large yard, Mediterranean style mansion, or along boulevards or driveways. Midrib prominent and transverse veinlets distinct. Register a new account. Attalea rostrata is also another of the hardier ones. Plant and animal families Plant and animal species. Special thanks to Palmweb. Palm wine is produced from the sap of the heart of the cohune.

Attalea cohune

The growth is initially slow. Even young trees may be planted in areas receiving full sun and cohunes are very resistant to wind damage. Started by Stevetoad13 Jun Up to 75 mm 3″ Ovoid, Fruit Color: Attalea at-tahl-EH-ah cohune koh-hoon’-eh In habitat, Mexico. I have a seedling growing from seeds collected in Costa Rica. Scientific name Attalea cohune Mart.

Corozo Attalsa cohune seed and oil meal. Corozo Attalea cohuneoil meal, mechanical extraction.

They like a ton of heat attqlea I don’t have, the dry dormant season is equivalent to the dry Summer season in California, so they also need a ton of water to grow. USDA Zones 9 – This palm should not be considered an understory to small structures or powerlines with low clearances. Axel, the ones native to Costa Rica are Attalea rostrata.


The apical gem, which has ckhune delicate taste, is considered as a dainty, but it entails the death of the plant. I found seeds on the ground in Nosara, Costa Rica, which is mostly deciduous dry forest, totally defoliated during the dry season, extremely dry and hot, and very wet and green during the rainy season. Cohune palm is considered an outdoor palm. The oil is utilized for the production of margarine and in the cosmetics industry; purified, is and excellent lubricant and seems to have also promising characteristics as bio-fuel.

Attalea cohune – Monaco Nature Encyclopedia

Back to Palm Encyclopedia. Inflorescences are branched to one order and are covered by a woody, grooved bract.

I’ve seen a lot of them on the Pacific side there. The corozo palm nuts are processed chiefly by the soap industries.