Atari XL Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Atari XL Owner’s Manual. Atari XL Computer Field Service Manual Rev 1. XL Computer Field Service Manual vn SECTION 1 THEORY OF OPERATION The Atari XLTM is an enhanced version of the existing ATARI Computer.

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The display for both keys will change to inverse video and then back. Color is not important, only function. The ataru bars directly above and below the reference bar should be the same color golden rod.

Introduction to DOS 3. English – – 26 p. English – 12 p. The screen should have a black background with eight vertical bars.

Atari XE Owner’s Manual. The test never completes due to a faulty CPU or other associated component causing the CPU to execute an illegal instruction, and potentially ending up in an arari execution mode usually a “lock- up”. Zorro – – texts eye favorite 0 comment 0 Atari Game Manual: English – – 61 p. English – – 3 p. This also verifies capability of the GTIA to move missiles and players through the piayfields, and detect collisions between 6600xl and missiles.


Atari XL XE Manuals

English – – 30 p. All of the player -formed figures should be the same size. Solo Flight – – texts eye favorite 0 comment 0 Atari Game Manual: The difference is that the sequence to be executed may be added to or deleted from and the order rearranged. The bars should lighten in even shades.

If tones a short melody are heard, the test passes. A color rainbow scale is displayed above the reference bar with a single color bar below.

Full text of “Atari XL Computer Field Service Manual Rev 1”

This completes the descriptions of all tests that may be performed on the XL. The first rectangle is formed by players 1 through 4. As each key is pressed, the displayed key will flash to inverse video and a tone is heard. Test the motor control line, the command line, the interrupt line of the serial port and serial input and output data lines. Must have Extended Hardware connected and operational. A horizontal bar should appear across the top of the screen.

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Channel 2 – Band: The missile-formed firgures will vary in size on the screen. English – – 44 p.

Atari Manuals

Press the Option key to show the main menu. The operator should verify proper operation of the unit by making this adjustment with the unit displaying consistent color within the entire span of each bar on the screen. If its physical appearance does not match that shown, there may be a problem with one or more display modes of the ANTIC.

The second rectangle is formed by missiles 1 through 4.

Atari Owners Guide Atari Topics: In the largest dotted box, located at the bottom center of the schematic, containing U24, please add, NOTE 3. English – – 14 p.