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What I have after the second half is the personification of Death as the woman. I suppose if it’s good you don’t notice it. The style of writing lack of dialogue formatting, plethora of run-on and fragmented sentences, etc.

As IntermitГЄncias Da Morte – JosГ© Saramago

Knjiga mjeseca – Smrt i njeni hirovi. Knjiga mjeseca – Smrt i njeni hirovi 21 83 Jul 17, Bla bla bla lleno de jerga que solo llena el libro. But Saramago’s great blunder is not that he takes an intriguing idea and makes a joke out of it; it’s that he takes his joke and bludgeons it with verbose, rambling language.

The writing style was so ds and lacked nearly all punctuation. Yes, just that and nothing special about. At every turn, Saramago presents us with a joke smashed by rambling anecdote, an observation intermitenccias by irrelevance or a plot twist stifled by non sequitur.

I …more Somewhere around the middle it was boring, but then, when death becomes the main character, it became one of my favourite intermitendias. He avoids the capitalization of proper names of people or places, and especially of his protagonist “death” who emphatically insists that her name be written lowercase.

I gave it another shot and finished after a long struggle. The punctuatio New review: Then, all of this just fell short, like a blob sound when you throw a big stone on the well and get no results after the time passes. It’s also about Death personified as a woman who sneers at standardized punctuation and capitalization much the way Saramago himself does and falls in love with the man she cannot kill.


Views Read Edit View history. But then again, this is not a science ficti The story of a country where people stop dying, they still age, and get injured, and eventually become a lump of nonfunctional meat, but they still don’t die, however that’s supposed to make sense.

How would the international community react? By page when the story still had not engaged me and I found myself skipping whole pages moorte when I knew it was over and laid the book down. The Catholic Church feels threatened by this new turn intermitencixs events, as the end of death would call into question one of the fundamental foundations of their dogma: I don’t know why, I read it for a school assignment so that might have something to do with it.

For me it’s far from the merit and any more than useless descriptions, and sloppy sentences demanding for interpretations which have nothing.

However, in an effort to kill more kindly, death will now send a letter to those about to perish, giving them a week to prepare for their end. Instead of adding to the experience of reading it hinders the experience.

Although originally intending merely to analyze this man and discover why he is unique, death eventually becomes infatuated with him, enough so that she takes on human form to meet him.

As Intermitências da Morte

Wonderful idea but this time Saramago just does not hit it out of the park. View all 3 comments. There’s no emotions concern about the personal issues such as death which for granted, I think it depends on the style of writing so I give him a chance and continue reading, which becomes my unconsolable regret. It is also incoherent, you could make out a few short stories within the book that are really unrelated, even though the author relates them.

Every time death sends him his letter, it returns. The last few pages are actually kind of good, but they’re not good enough to make the first two hundred worth it.


As Intermitências da Morte by José Saramago (1 star ratings)

This joy is short-lived – it soon becomes apparent that the end of death presents unique demographic and financial challenges. And the world’s great powers would certainly want in; they’d flood your poor country with spies and outside funding.

The potential for a humanitarian cr Imagine if people stopped dying in your country; what do you think would happen? Saramago was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in So far I have seen only commas and periods.

Death with Interruptions – Wikipedia

This book is an excellent reminder about why the judicious use of punctuation is important to the reading experience. Death With Interruptions is not merely the worst experience I’ve ever had with a novel, it’s the antithesis of my basic literary beliefs. What unique experiments would your nation’s scientists craft to test the phenomenon? Just long sentences with a few commas ending in a period.

What’s the Name o That’s why I’m giving up on this book. I liked the author’s style of writing, and I think I would’ve accepted the horrible punctuation if the story was good enough. Ovako mogu do sutra.

This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat Partway through, however, it seemed to take a turn towards a political focus, and that’s where I was lost completely, and gave up politics is not my strength at the best of times, and there’s too much tension in real life to also try and follow the political tensions of fiction.

The common citizens, however, generally enjoy their newfound immortality.

I still stand by my opinion. Saramago’s house in Lanzarote is also open to the public. The conceptualization is over-ambitious.