Aims: To study whether the time to insulin therapy in type 2 diabetic patients in primary care in Germany and UK has increased (). Methods. Objective: The study examined changes in French general practitioners’ (GPs) antipsychotic preferences between and , a period when evidence. accumulate private wealth (see Frick and Grabka, ). (), Arzneimittelverordnungsreport , Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. Stability.

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Yields on assets abroad are likely to be higher, owing to a more favourable age structure e.

Inflation is expected to remain moderate. In Germany, this applies particularly to manufacturing, where the share of services in the value chain is estimated at Summary table on CSR assessment.

Investment appears to be strongly concentrated in only a few sectors, with often fewer than half of the companies in those sec tors investing in intangible assets Belitz et al. All in all, accumulated current account surpluses have resulted in a large positive net international investment position, which reached Employment growth continued, spurred by increased labour demand arzneimittlverordnungsreport supply.

Continuous assessment of the impact of the minimum wage remains an important task for the Commission, and the system may be tested when the economic cycle will worsen.

The adaptation of electricity networks to renewables production in Germany is progressing, but at a slow pace, and significant investment in transmission and distribution grids remains outstanding. Real GDP growth was at 1. Germany is not using the potential of eGovernment.

Measures to bridge the gaps in the skills and planning capacity needed for public investment have yet arzneimittelverordnungsrdport yield results.


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The employment rate of recent VET graduates in was at These capital transfers are highly concentrated at the top of the wealth distribution: The minimum wage was first increased as of 1 January to 8. It is ra ther social security contributions that account for the biggest share.

This has caused doubt on whether and how to apply the rules. It has very low unemployment but a large gender employment gap. The steady rise in the at-risk of poverty rate and inequality seen since the crisis slightly reversed. However, when most of this group reaches pensionable age, the German labour force will shrink substantially, while the group of pensioners will grow strongly.

Investment in publ ic infrastructure is still held back by capacity and planning constraints at municipal level. European Structural and Investment Funds help address 201 to inclusive growth and convergence. This improvement reflects government efforts to boost investment. In Junethe European Court of Justice found that Deutsche Bahn’s accounting rules are such that it is impossible to monitor compliance with the prohibition on transferring public funds earmarked for infrastructure management to the branch of Deutsche Bahn offering transport services.

Demographic ageing means that cohorts entering the arzneimittelgerordnungsreport market are smaller and immigration can only partially offset this trend see also Section 4. Currently, eGovernment services are fragmented and not very user-friendly.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Banks will have to re-orient their business strategy to reduce dependence on interest margins. On the other hand investment in non-residential construction NRC is stagnating. Despite offering one of the lowest yields in the euro area, German private sector deposits grew 3.

Keywords Parkinson’s disease – direct costs – possible savings – medicinal treatment. However, net capital exports have remained high although their composition has changed. Current account balance and components of the fi nancial account. This trend reflects the efforts by the government to strengthen investment, but the public capital stock as a share of GDP is still declining. While availability of full-time childcare facilities and all-day schools improved, the attendance of children under 3 years of age remained slightly below the Barcelona objectives.

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If interest rates stay at current levels, small and medium-sized banks expect their profits to fall further between and To alleviate the situation, pensioned teachers are reactivated, teachers from abroad are recruited and more a nd more career changers are being accepted into the profession, often without prior pedagogical training but with tailored accompanying support after they take up teaching As a result, Germany has a very wide gender pay gap The introduction of the statutory general minimum wage in increased wages at the bottom of the distribution, as expected see Box 4.

Instead, the incumbent, where the German government is an anchor stakeholder, prefers to use vectoring. Outstanding corporate loans have increased by 4.

Furthermore, the share of consumption in disposable household income decreases substantially with increasing monthly income, suggesting that ther e is a significant difference in savings rates across the income distribution Germany introduced two limited legislative changes in Over arzneimithelverordnungsreport past ten years, transfer property taxes have become increasingly important in the financing of states’ budgets.