amarakosha related Sanskrit Documents in Telugu script. This index of Sanskrit Documents categorized as amarakosha is available in Devanagari, Bengali. Amara Kosam Telugu free download. AMARA KOSAM TELUGU FREE DPWNLOAD. Posted by INFINITY BHARATEEYAM at · Email ThisBlogThis!. Aurangazeb-Charitrakekkani Charitharaka Ko QUICK VIEW. Rs. · Navvedays Sarasi Cartoonlu. QUICK VIEW. Rs. Browny Telugu English Nigantuvu.

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Uganya, Please visit the following site and write to them to guide you for Tamil resources for learning Sanskrit. I have sent you the doc file of Amarakosa Unicode by e-mail. I qmara another commentary in hindi on Amarakosaha, the links: Hopefully they will be available atleast on Amazon to buy. There have been more than 40 commentaries on the Amarakosha. The font used is Sanskrit regards shankara. Svargadhikandathe first Kanda of the Amarakosha begins with the verse ‘Svaravyam swarganakathridivatrishalaya.

Link to the relevant page online — https: Amaramosa Sanskrit Unicode is avialable at http: Amarakosa also contains the gender details of all words, in addition to their synonyms.


Link to their website is http: Any book with detailed procedure of kundalini awakening in hindi. Kamalam, Ambujam, Padmam etc are well known.


File: – Wikimedia Commons

Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. It is very useful. I have not come across any English translation of Amarakosa commentaries.

Skip to secondary content. The book that you uploaded has the commentary of Kshiirasvaamin in sanskrit. You may download the book now. I want to learn samaskridham. But Acrobat is not very good with Unicode It actually sucks, if you pardon my languageusually all text information is lost.

Thank you, and thank God for this site. Are there English translation of commentaries on Amarakosha? I need these books in Sanskrit version. Etlugu Bharateeya, Firstly thank you for your good qmara in spreading sanskrit.

amarakosha related Sanskrit Documents in Telugu script

May Jagadguru Sankaracharya be with us all to see the only Truth. After clicking download I am getting redirected to mediafire site but. You can easily download the book by clicking on the download link given at the bottom of the post. It is divided into three khandas or chapters.

Haridas, For continuing your Sanskrit studies, you may contact the nearest centre of Samskrita Bharati organisation. Some audio files of Amarakosa are available at http: Amarakosha Subhashitas dhatu roopavali Panchatantra. I was again looking some good edition of Amarkosha for beginner and to my surprise the best edition seems to be of 19 century publication first one by Colebrook in English and other by Devdutt tiwari in Hindi. Is the message I see there.


I am amazed to see that some text information is coming out right. Under the current circumstance my best option seems Pandit Visvanath Jha book. Kindly reply me where is the source of this book.

Hi, Could you please send me the translations for this in English? Any English translations available. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.


Apart from providing meaning of verse, they also give gender and other grammatical information right in the verse itself. If you know where to get the book I am referring to, please mention that too.

Your plan to focus on 2 commentaries of Amarakosa seems good, at least for time-being.

Kindly mail me the link.