Al-Jabarti and his view on the French occupation of Egypt have often been at the . French revolutionary army led by Bonaparte was sent to Egypt by the regime. Napoleon in Egypt has 91 ratings and 11 reviews. peiman-mir5 said: دوستانِ Sheik Al-Jabarti’s chronicle is a unique combination of historical narration and. Napoleon in Egypt: Al-Jabarti’s Chronicle of the French Occupa tion, By Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti. Translated by. Shmuel Moreh. Introduction by Robert L.

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The question posed by the professor for the paper was whether Napoleon was a liberator of Egypt, as he proclaimed himself in his mabarti writings, or whether he was a conqueror, as recorded by Muslim scholar Abd Rahman Al-Jabarti]. The Arabic Manuscript Sources. Said, Columbia University, provides a stinging critique of French preoccupation with Egypt and the resulting cultural “Orientalism”; Robert Tignor Princeton University provides a scintillating introduction.

Really interesting primary source, but as someone who knows zero Arabic, I got a little lost at times with terminology and names. Islamic philosophyIslamic JurisprudenceEgyptian history. Part of this I feel is the Western habit of disregarding societal complaints made by non-Westerners, especially Muslims. Muhammad bin Ali Rawandi. The entries from his chronicle dealing with the French expedition and occupation have been excerpted and compiled in English as a separate volume entitled Napoleon in Egypt.

Al-Jabarti was an Egyptian chronicler of this episode, and his account is like a time capsule of a world no longer in existence.

His second work, Demonstration of Piety in the Demise of French Societyis much less eghpt known than his other two. Napoleon in Egypt by Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti.

Napoleon in Egypt by Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti

The Struggle between Faith and Reason: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. You are commenting using your Facebook account. This expanded edition celebrates the th anniversary of Al-Jabarti’s birth.

Mirza Mehdi Khan Astarabadi. An almost messianic yet self-interested focus on wiping out the old regime of the Mamluks read: Al-Jabarti was born into a prominent family of ulama [5] with ties to the Egyptian scholarly and political elite.


Although Al-Jabarti is pervasively used as a source by Napoleon scholars, many overlook the grievances he documents and broaches about the unprovoked French occupation from He clearly wasn’t fond of people making noises with their armpits. The book was fairly decent as it explored French involvement in Egypt toward the late 18th century. He was one of the first Muslims to realize the significance of the wave of modernity that accompanied the French occupation, and the gulf that existed between Western and Islamic knowledge “shocked him profoundly”.

Howeverthe proclamation as interpreted and viewed by Al-Jabarti is shown to be a poor attempt at appeasing the local populaceand a document spelling out the desire to colonize Egypt. Thereupon they brought out weapons which they had concealedand other instruments of fighting.

The call to insubordination from the Ulama along with the various occurrences involving the assorted duties and fees that the French imposed would lead to the Revolt in Cairoa bloody uprising that lasted two days and would become the apex of the hatred directed towards the French.

Napoleon and Egypt

In this work, in addition to chronicling factual events, al-Jabarti criticizes the social and moral depravity of the French, embarks on an extensive correction of the grammar in the French Proclamation, and expresses general feelings of anger towards this invasion. Subsequent to the invasion other instances of looting by the French take place to indicate the position of power they had over the current residents of Cairo.

Another example is when Jabarati is describing the uprising that took place by certain segments of the ‘ulama and the poor in Cairo against Napoleon: Originally written for Middle East and Europe in March of geypt I only read this book for my history class. The blatant hypocrisy of the French military administration, freshly baptised by their own revolution based on the egyot of equality and liberty from the Enlightenment, to invade and subjate another nation in the name of imperial competiton made me reconsider what I thought I knew about this era and its history.

This work jabatri the history of Egypt from to but was banned in Egypt in due to its critical approach of Muhammad Ali Pasha’s reforms, among other controversial criticisms.

Napoleon and Egypt | MCRevello – A Collection of Writings, Ideas, and Other Multimedia

One thing that comes across in this account is the absence of the inferiority complex which the East now feel This is one of those rare glimpses into the experience of colonialism from the side of the colonized.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Feb 10, Mary Wyman rated it it was ok. Sep 25, Megan rated it liked it Shelves: The actions of the French towards the Egyptian population from the point of the invasion all throughout their occupation are consistently demeaning and illustrative of a position of power over the Egyptian people; eyypt position of power that the French hold over the Egyptian people is indicative that they were a conquering force.

J rated it liked it Jun 13, Markus Weiner Dgypt, Nicholas Stark rated it really liked it May 22, The book is an Arab view of a turning point in modern history. An additional chapter by editor Shmuel Moreh examines the Arabic interpretation of Al-Jabarti’s writings.

Events centered on the impositions of various taxes and fees on the Egyptian peopleas recorded by Al-Jabartiserve as the epitome of the malcontent that the local citizenry contained towards the Frenchas well as a catalyst for the Cairo revolt.

Bilal All rated it it was ok Mar 03, Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti — Arabic: Jul 02, peiman-mir5 rezakhani rated it liked it Shelves: When they passed at night and found a lamp which had gone out because of the wind or because of the oil running due to the thickness of the wick and the likethey would nail up the shop or house where this had happened and would not remove the nails until the owner made an arrangement and paid whatever they felt like demanding.

Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The first of the fees that the French applied was on the title-deedsor deeds of ownershipof property.