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View Notes – fsoln from EECS at University of California, Berkeley. f; University of California, Berkeley; EECS – Spring With insanely simple controls and powerful autonomous flight capabilities, 3DR’s Solo makes capturing awesome cinematic shots easier than. IEEE Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR03, pp. Rosin and West, [doi>/_4]. Rusi$#;ol and Llad$# ;s, Sparse solutions using hash storage. IEEE Trans.

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Kumar in Dubai between April and July and four calls between himself and Mr. The Group was informed by other gold traders in South Kivu that Mr. The Group has also documented that FDLR has a far-reaching international diaspora network involved in the day-to-day running of the movement, the coordination of military and arms trafficking activities and the management of financial activities.

The Group reviewed documents relating to one such land dispute involving General Mayanga. Emirates Airlines was unable to work with the Group as it never obtained authorization from the United Solj Emirates authorities.

UN Report Congo Group Experts

The Group also researched the presence of possible FDLR networks in Belgium and the Netherlands, which together host the largest Rwandan diaspora communities in Europe. Scores of villages have been raided and pillaged, thousands of houses have been burnt and several hundred thousand people have been displaced in order to escape from violence generated by military operations.

Support from individuals belonging to religious institutions and charitable groups The transfer was worth Kampala traders have also confirmed that Mr.

Between the date of leasing and the helicopters departure from the Democratic Republic of the Congo on 10 June, it flew a total of 40 flights out of Goma airport, with an additional two flights performed for the Congolese National Police prior to the signing of the contract. The Group estimates that such an arms consignment for the Burundian police is excessive, given that the Burundian police number no more than 20, The Group subsequently received a text message within a matter of minutes from a telephone number that the Group had already confirmed as belonging to Mr.

The Group obtained receipts showing Mr. Regional support networksUnited Republic of Tanzania North Kivu-Uganda networks Ndagundi informed the Group that Mr. Internal military support networksCollaboration between the Forces armes de la Rpublique dmocratique du Congo and the Forces dmocratiques de libration du Rwanda Kumar in Dubai between May and August The Group provided the United States authorities with the names and account numbers of correspondent banks in the United States that could be connected to the bank where Ms.


Since March the Bisie mine in Walikale, which provides approximately 70 per cent of the output of cassiterite of North Kivu, has been under the control of units responding to former CNDP hardliners operating within the FARDC 1st integrated brigade. Hill Side has reported that between January and the end of Aprilit purchased only 7, kilos of sopn from Walikale annex The Group demonstrates that the networks in Uganda and Burundi are interrelated and both have commercial ties to individuals operating in the United Arab Emirates.

The Group has been informed by Congolese 033 agents, as well as international buyers of cassiterite, that Mr. The Group has repeatedly sought further clarifications from the Malaysian authorities on this consignment and was informed by the Malaysian authorities in the days before submission of the present report that no sale of arms took place; the Group is verifying 234s2009 information.

This company leased the helicopter on 27 January to the Minister of Interior Security of the Democratic Republic of the Congo represented skln the Congolese National Police annex Kambale Kisoni, who had been listed by the Committee for targeted sanctions in March and was assassinated in July The Group continues to investigate this specific allegation. Shamavu, to Apendaki Aimee Tchuma, the wife of Mr. Several gold traders interviewed in Kampala and Dubai, as well as an anonymous contact, informed the Group in separate interviews and communications that major gold trading businesses in Kampala were instructed to shut down 003 activities during the week of the Groups visit to Kampala in June A number of mineral-exporting houses in Goma have taken advantage of the militarization of Bisie mine and the lack of Government controls on the flow of minerals.

Claiming that the ammunition was not to be used for military operations, the FARDC officer informed the Group that he had been siln to travel to Uvira to procure the ammunition by his superiors at his brigade headquarters in Kilembwe, South Kivu. As part of this alliance, 243s200 three armed groups cooperate in smuggling natural resources from the territory of Uvira to Burundi and the United Republic of Tanzania, share sokn stocks and assist each other to infiltrate and hide out in the Ruzizi plain and across the border in forested areas in Burundi.

The Group obtained evidence that Mr.

The Group has determined that Mr. For ease of reference, the Group has attached to the present report a diagram annex 52 covering the cross-cutting relationships of the various networks listed above.


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Murwanashyaka as their supreme leader. Casoliva was listed as an observer of an inter-Rwandan dialogue meeting held in Spain in April and supported by the government of the Balearic Islands annex Several traders interviewed by the Group in the course of the current and past mandates, reported that mining areas controlled by Colonel Nakabaka are known as the tenth military region, and much of the gold is laundered on his behalf by Mange and Mr.

During the course of the audio recordings, Mr. The Group visited the United Arab Emirates where it held meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dubai authorities and private sector entities.

Solutions 3rd Edition | Oxford University Press

Vaya and the Lodhia family pre-finance cash to trusted intermediaries, who then offer slightly slon market prices in order to guarantee maximum interest from local traders in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Group also established that 243a2009 Masunzu and Colonel Nakabaka, the commanders of the tenth military region, cited earlier in the present report for their role in the diversion of military equipment to non-governmental armed groups see paras. According to an e-mail obtained by the Group, Mr. The Group has obtained evidence and testimonies that General Ntaganda has centralized many of the ground-level taxation networks previously controlled by CNDP in the territory of Masisi in North Kivu, including control of illegal checkpoints, charcoal markets and the timber trade, and has enforced parallel administrative structures particularly in his central fiefdom of the Mushake zone of Masisi territory.

Kotecha informed the Group in that Afrimex had ceased mineral purchasing activities.

Ndahiriwe is well-known by the business community in Goma, having worked in the minerals trade ssoln for Amos Golan, an Israeli businessman and former military official who was the honorary consul for Uganda in Israel when the Group verified this in September Burundian customs declarations show he actually started exporting under the name Berkenrode BVBA on 16 Septembera few days after the Group first met Mr. According to government mining officials, Glory Minerals has now received approval to start operating 243s20009 an official gold exporting company.