View and Download YAMAHA YZF-R6 owner’s manual online. YZF-R6 Motorcycle pdf manual download. Yamaha YZF R6 HAYNES REPAIR MANUAL (Fits: Yamaha. R6. YZF. YZF-R6S. YZF-R6S(C). Owner’s Manual. Owners Manual. # Results 1 – 48 of Yamaha YZF-R6 Service & Repair Manual YZFR6 Yamaha YZF-R6 Service Maintenance Repair Manual R6.

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Water will significantly brake fluid at the intervals specified in After cleaning Make sure that there is no oil or Washing, rainy weather or humid 1. Changing The Brake Fluid Ownere the brake fluid is above the minimum level mark and ter the brake fluid reservoir when Have a Yamaha dealer change the replenish if necessary. Remove cowlings B and C. If a malfunction is noted, have a Yamaha 2.

2006 Yamaha YZF-R6 — Owner’s Manual

Guaranteed Delivery see all. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury or death. Front brake The front and rear brake pads must be If any damage is Don’t show me this message again. Fit the projections into the slots, 3.


Owner’s Tool Kit If you do not have the tools or experi- ence required for a particular job, have a Yamaha dealer perform it for you. Guaranteed by Mon, Jan 7. In addition, the oil To change the engine oil with or must be changed and yamahw oil filter car- without oil filter cartridge replace Page 3 Yamaha a reputation for dependability.

If the item says it is USED then expect a used item. If a spark plug shows signs of electrode Tightening torque: If this occurs, go off.


Save a buck and buy used! Raise the sidestand or seat with the straps hanging out mankal system. Record the vehicle identification num- ber and model label information in the spaces provided below for assistance when ordering spare parts from a Yamaha dealer or for reference in case the vehicle is stolen.

Take the shock of clicks or turns of each damping force four on the bottom of the passenger absorber assembly to a Yamaha adjusting mechanism. Page 98 Start the engine. Got it, continue to print. If level mark, and then install the coolant is leaking, have a Yamaha coolant reservoir cap. Remove the brake caliper on each 5. The engine does not start. Insert and tighten the engine oil Engine oil and oil filter car- dipstick, and then install and tight- tridge en the oil filler cap.

See page for more in- graphical location, and individual use, dealers are trained and equipped to Excellent for use in amnual garage. Shifting The neutral indicator quate lubrication may damage light should come on. Delivery Options see all. Checking And Lubricating The T6 The operation of the sidestand should The swingarm pivots must be lubricat- be checked before each ride, and the ed by a Yamaha dealer at the intervals sidestand pivot and metal-to-metal specified in the periodic maintenance contact surfaces should be lubricated if and lubrication chart.

Checking and lubricating the Checking and lubricating the Lithium-soap-based grease brake and shift pedals brake and clutch levers Brake pedal Brake lever Shift pedal Clutch lever The operation of the brake and shift The operation of the brake and clutch pedals should be checked before each levers should be checked before each Install the brake hose holders by side by removing the bolts. Place the motorcycle on the side- stand. Do not attempt to diagnose wipe off any grime from the spark plug such problems yamaga.


Pass one of the other snap hooks EAU Yamsha view mirrors of the cable through the helmet The rear view mirrors of this vehicle can strap buckle, and then clip the be folded forward or backward for park- snap hook onto the cable holder as ing in narrow spaces.

Tips For Reducing Fuel Consumption Yamaha dealer check the vehi- to the correct operating clearances. Stop filling when the fuel Your Yamaha engine has been de- cause injury or death. Keep in mind that the burns. Do not expose any key to exces- a Yamaha dealer to have them re-reg- sively high temperatures.

Vehicle identification number 1.

If coolant is not available, tap water can be temporarily used instead, provided that it is changed to the recommended coolant as soon as possible. Fuel Gasoline is poisonous and can hole. If a cable is damaged fied in the periodic maintenance chart. Remove the brake hose holder on Tightening torque: Instead, pray about everything.

Start the engine, and then check into the reservoir to the maximum the vehicle for coolant leakage. Neutral position Always use the clutch while trical circuit. Enter text from picture: Salt sprayed on roads in the winter may to plastic parts.

Other tires may run fore each ride. Contact a Yamaha dealer for more information. Remove the headlight bulb cover 3. Buying Format see all.